Court Services

Mission Statement: 
The Court Services Branch is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all persons within our court facilities, and to providing excellent service and support to all of our court clientele, including members of the public, members of our court community, members of our Service and other Police Services.

The Stakeholders:
The Court Services Branch serves and/or deals with a wide range of partners or agencies that include but are not limited to:

  • The general public
  • Police officers and civilian staff
  • Justices and Justices of the Peace
  • Court Administration
  • Crown Prosecutors
  • Defense lawyers
  • Social agencies
  • Victim/Witness Services
  • Family and Children Services
  • Probation and Parole
  • The Salvation Army

The Court Services Branch is committed to providing professional, prompt and efficient service to these persons and agencies and to continue strengthening the existing working relationships. These successful partnerships remain extremely beneficial to the Court Services Branch and allow for a team oriented atmosphere within the court community.

Court Services Branch Responsibilities:
The Court Services Branch provides security for five court facilities within Waterloo Region, totaling twenty six courtrooms, as well as ensuring the safety of persons using and working in the facilities, while also ensuring the service of summons, subpoenas and legal documents Region-wide.

The Court facilities include:
Effective Spring 2013, the Waterloo Region Consolidated Courthouse consolidates the Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice services in one facility located at 70 Duke Street East, Kitchener.

  • Provincial Offences Court, 77 Queen St., Kitchener:        2 courts & one holding cell
  • Provincial Offences Court, 152 Main St., Cambridge:        1 court & one holding cell

Effective and appropriate care and handling of prisoners requires significant attention and staffing.  Preliminary hearings and court trials which require enhanced security are a common occurrence.  Cases before the court involving serious charges, multiple accused, gang associations, organized crime and witnesses requiring protection are examples where enhanced security is deployed.  This security may include the assistance from the Waterloo Regional Police Emergency Response Unit.  Cases of this nature may also require the implementation of a controlled access to a court room, which may include wanding, inspections of persons and belongings and documenting of persons entering a court room.  Measures of this nature vary in degree, occur periodically and may extend for lengthy periods.

Alarm and video monitoring is another important security function of the Court Services Branch.  The Police regularly video monitor the cell block, public and secure hallways, waiting areas and building exteriors.  On a daily basis Court Security officers randomly patrol the public areas and conduct intermittent inspections of persons and belongings. This activity is logged and incidents are investigated and documented accordingly.

Members of the Court Services Branch are responsible for the swearing of Informations and the efficient processing of all crown brief packages which come from the various divisions and branches of the Waterloo Regional Police Service.  The Court Services Branch liaises with the Crown Attorney’s Office and with members of our Police Service in order to help facilitate effective and efficient prosecutions.

The general transportation of prisoners is a duty which was assumed by the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) in 2004.  Daily transportation of prisoners is still conducted by members of the Court Services Branch between the Waterloo Regional Police Service Central Lock Up, located at 134 Frederick Street and the consolidated court facililty.  Transportation also regularly occurs between Kitchener Court and Hope Harbour (for Phase I youths - 12-15 years old) in Kitchener and to Hope Manor (Phase 1 youths 12-15 years old) in the New Dundee area and to Lutherwood in Waterloo, to pick up and transport youths for their court appearances.

Frequent security assignments also occur when detained persons require medical treatment.  Members of the Court Services Branch are regularly called upon to guard prisoners during off hours at either Grand River Hospital or Cambridge Memorial Hospital.


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