Record Suspension Application (Formerly Pardon Application)

Record Suspension Applications – Fingerprints and Local Police Records Check

What is it?
If you have been free of criminal convictions for a period of time (see the Parole Board of Canada for details) you may apply to the Parole Board of Canada for a record suspension.

The Record Suspension Application Guide and Forms are available from the Parole Board of Canada web-site.

Although there are non-profit and private organizations who will offer assistance in obtaining a record suspension for you (for a fee), the record suspension application process is straightforward and designed to be easy enough for anyone to do.  Using a lawyer or other representative will not speed up the process of obtaining a record suspension.  

How much?
The Parole Board of Canada charges their own fee which you will submit directly to them with your application.  Additional fees may apply for the various steps from other organizations.  The Waterloo Regional Police Service charges $30 for fingerprinting and $30 for the Local Police Records Check.

How Long?
Fingerprints take 3-4 weeks to come back from the RCMP directly to you.
Local Police Records Check is processed in approximately three weeks.

Where to apply?
This service is available at the Police Reporting Centre, 150 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge.

If you live outside the Region of Waterloo you may apply for the Local Police Records Check by submitting a money order or certified cheque for $30.00 payable to the Waterloo Regional Police Service, as well as a legible photocopy of two pieces of acceptable identification.

Please make sure you include a return mailing address.   We do not provide fingerprinting service for people who live outside the Region. Consult with your local police service.  Acceptable identification is required.


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We are currently processing Police Record Checks received on January 15, 2015

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