Why do I need to submit fingerprints?

You may be requested to submit fingerprints for three reasons:
1.    You have not provided acceptable identification (see acceptable identification below).
2.    You have a criminal record and have requested a record check (see criminal record below).
3.    Your date of birth and gender match that of a person listed in the pardoned sex offender list and fingerprints are required to determine identity (see vulnerable sector below).

Acceptable Identification
If you are unable to provide acceptable identification (click here to get details) then you will be required to submit fingerprints to confirm your identity.

Criminal Record
Applicants who have a criminal record will be required to submit fingerprints so the Service can confirm a criminal record is held at the Criminal Record Repository of the RCMP.

Applicants are NOT required to be fingerprinted for:

  • A conviction for which the applicant has received a pardon.
  • A conviction where the applicant was a “young person” under the YCJA.
  • Absolute or Conditional Discharges.
  • Any offences for which the applicant was not convicted.
  • Provincial or municipal offences.
  • Any charges dealt with outside of Canada.

Vulnerable Sector
Changes by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have increased the time required to complete a Police Records Checks for individuals who are involved or hope to be involved in service with the Vulnerable Sector (VS).

These checks are typically required for coaches involved in minor sports, day care providers, health care providers, those involved in teaching, etc.  Applicants requiring this type of record check are now scrutinized through a more rigorous screening process, which will result in more applicants being identified as a potential match resulting in delays in receiving their record check.

Therefore, applicants should ensure they allow ample time to process request should this situation arise.

Applicants who are impacted will receive a phone call from the police service explaining the steps that must be followed for their VS check to be completed. They will be required to make an appointment to have their fingerprints taken. Fingerprints will then be submitted to the RCMP to confirm or refute the potential match. It should be noted that a potential match can result from a person having the same gender and date of birth as a known offender which in nearly all cases will be ruled out by a fingerprint comparison.
For more information please visit the RCMP web-site | E-mail  | Phone: 613-998-6362.


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