Alarms By-Law


A By-law to Charge Fees for Certain Services Provided by The Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Services Board and to Repeal By-law No. 97-1

WHEREAS Section 391 of the Municipal Act 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended, authorizes a local board of a municipality to pass by-laws to impose fees or charges on any class of persons;

AND WHEREAS The Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Services Board is a local board of The Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

NOW THEREFORE The Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Services Board HEREBY ENACTS as follows:


This By-law may be cited as the Fees and Charges By-law.


In this By-law “Board” means The Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Service Board.


2. (1) The fees for various services are as shown in Schedules “A” – Fees and Charges for Service and Schedule “B” – Fees for Alarm Services attached to this By-law.

  • The fees and any applicable taxes will be payable to the Board within thirty (30) days of the date of an invoice for such fee from the Board.
  • Interest on any unpaid fees will be charged at a rate of two percent (2%) per month compounded monthly for the period from the payment date referred to in Part II, section (2) of this By-law to the date payment is received by the Service.
  • That the Board’s By-law 97-1 be repealed.

3. This by-law shall not come into force until the Regional Municipality of Waterloo Council passes a resolution approving the By-law.

By-law read a first, second and third time and finally passed this 15 th day of December, A.D., 2004.

J. Kissner


T. Galloway



TO BY-LAW 04-01


The following sections shall apply to Schedule B:

1. (1)

  • “Alarm Business” means any person or persons who engage in the business of installing and/or maintaining alarm systems;
  • “Alarm System” means any device which when activated transmits a signal or message to an alarm business;
  •  “Automatic Dialing System” means a device which when activated is programmed to automatically solicit a police response to an alarm condition via the telephone;
  •  “False Alarm” means the activation of an alarm system where in the opinion of the Alarm Coordinator no emergency or evidence of criminal activity exists at the premises at which the alarm system is installed and includes the activating or testing of an alarm without notification and alarms triggered by natural causes or conditions;
  •  “Valid Alarm” means an alarm signal which has been activated for the legitimate purposes for which it was installed that being a criminal act or attempt or an emergency situation related to the premise.

2. (1) In the event that all or part of any fees, applicable taxes and/or interest owing, under this By-law, by an alarm business, is outstanding for a minimum of sixty (60) days from the date upon which it is due, the alarm business shall become non-registered and attendance to false alarms reported by the alarm business shall result in a non-registered fee for response to false alarm(s).

(2) The alarm business shall register with the Chief of Police or designate any alarm system prior to the initial activation of the alarm system. Failure to pay the annual registration fee and register such alarm system with the Chief of Police or designate shall result in a non-registered fee for response to false alarm(s).

(3) When an alarm is reported by way of an automatic dialing system, a non-registered fee for response to false alarm shall apply unless the Chief of Police of designate is of the opinion that the alarm was a valid medical panic alarm or valid alarm.

Alarms - Firearms and Evidence

$10.00 per alarm system annually to register, due March of each year (without invoice)

$75.00 for attending the first false registered alarm plus;

$25.00, an escalating fee for each additional false alarms within 365 days.

$150.00 for attending non-registered and expired registration false alarms.


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