Records Information and Police Record Checks

About our Branch
The 80 members of the Records Branch are responsible for the creation, distribution, use, maintenance and disposition of police records.  The branch provides the following services:

  • Transcribe police reports
  • Provide centralized differential police response (DPR)
  • Update criminal records
  • Verify information for officers and police services throughout Canada
  • Process record checks
  • Respond to subpoenas, Coroner’s inquests, Court Orders and Summons
  • Code for Statistics Canada
  • Confirm warrants and probation orders
  • Process Freedom of Information requests
  • Provide collision, occurrence and insurance summaries
  • Alarm program and billing
  • Manage the off-site record centre
  • Record Suspension applications and fingerprint destruction
  • Review and process police reports made online

The Records Branch serves many customers including:

  • The general public
  • Police officers and civilian police members
  • Crown prosecutors
  • Defence lawyers
  • Social agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Family and Children Services
  • Other government institutions and police services

Mailing Address:
Waterloo Regional Police Service
P.O. Box 3070
200 Maple Grove Road
Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 5M1

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers:
Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge: (519) 653 7700
All Other Areas: (519) 570-3000
Automated Attendant: (519) 650-8500

Police Reporting Centre- Record Check Hours
Monday – Friday 7:30am – 7:00pm
Please note: Front desk is closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
All other statutory holidays or when a statutory holiday is commonly observed on a weekday (Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day), the Front Desk is open 8am – 4pm.




Access to Information  8514 Mon-Fri  8am-4pm
Alarms Coordinator  8834 Mon-Fri  8am-4pm
Copy of a Collision Report  8860 Mon-Fri  7:30am-4pm
Differential Police Response  8786 Mon-Fri  7am-9pm; Sat-Sun  8am-5pm
Fingerprint Destruction  8815 Mon-Fri  8am–4pm
General Inquiries  8812 24 hours
Occurrence Summaries  8514 Mon-Fri  8am–4pm
Platoon Team Leaders  8817 24 hours
Record Suspension Application  8900 Mon-Fri  7:30am-7pm
Record Checks  8900 Mon-Fri  7:30am-7pm
Records Manager  8810 Mon-Fri  8am-4pm
Report a Collision  8786 Mon-Fri 7am-9pm; Sat & Sun 8am-5pm
Sergeant- DPR  8759 Mon-Fri  8am-4pm
Sergeant- Records 8820 Mon-Fri  8am-4pm



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Wait Time

We are currently processing Police Record Checks received on August 10th, 2017

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Non Emergencies:


(519) 653-7700

Other Areas

(519) 570-3000

Automated Attendant

(519) 650 8500

911 for Emergencies Only

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