Waterloo Regional Police Issue Fraud Warning Involving Apple iTunes

Posted on Friday January 11, 2019

Waterloo Region, Ontario Waterloo Regional Police are issuing a warning after receiving several reports of fraud over the past two months.

In total, nine reports have been received involving victims who believed they were contacting an Apple Inc. representative for assistance.

In several instances, victims received an email seemingly from Apple Inc., suggesting they had made a purchase through their Apple Inc. account or app. Because the purchase had never actually been made, the victims contacted who they assumed to be Apple Inc. and were told to purchase iTunes gift cards. They were then provided instructions on how to provide the pin number on the back of the gift card. This resulted in a financial loss to each victim. In total, victims reported a loss of over $9,000.

In one instance, a victim reported that they responded to an email that they had received from, what appeared to be Apple. They were told that their account had been compromised, and was requested to purchase iTunes gift cards and provide the pin numbers in lieu of their account being fixed.  

The Waterloo Regional Police Service wants to remind residents to ensure they are contacting a legitimate company before they release any financial information or make any purchases. In the event that you get an email requesting you to make a purchase, we encourage you to consult with someone or conduct some research about the request prior to making a purchase. If you receive warning messages or believe that your computer has a virus, it is suggested that you take your device to a reputable repair shop where a professional can assist you.



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