Waterloo Regional Police Partner with Waterloo Region Accident Support Services Ltd. to Enhance Service for Collisions

Posted on Tuesday January 22, 2019

Waterloo Region, Ontario The Waterloo Regional Police Service has partnered with Waterloo Region Accident Support Services Ltd. to enhance services for collisions in Waterloo Region.

The current system sees motorists call police when they are involved in a collision, which often results in an officer being dispatched to the scene to investigate, take a report and conduct traffic control.

Under the new partnership, motorists involved in collisions will continue to call police. A determination will be made - depending on the severity of the collision, injuries and suspicious circumstances – if the collision requires an officer to be dispatched, or if the driver will be directed to proceed to the Collision Reporting Centre. Officers may still attend collision scenes to conduct traffic control and investigate when necessary.

“The partnership with Waterloo Region Accident Support Services will result in increased time for officers to address other priority calls for service,” said Waterloo Regional Police Inspector Sharon Havill. “This will also allow officers to focus on improved crime prevention and enforcement within Waterloo Region and will reduce wait times for those involved in collisions.”

The Collision Reporting Centre will be located in its current location at 150 Maple Grove Road and will be staffed by trained members of Waterloo Region Accident Support Services. Motorists can drive themselves to the centre or can have their vehicle towed. At the centre, they can fill out a report and have their vehicle damage photographed before it’s removed. An additional reporting site will be available at the Waterloo Regional Police Service’s North Division, located at 45 Columbia St. E. in Waterloo, in March.

Accident Support Services International Ltd. has provided customer service since 1994.

In 2018, Waterloo Regional Police responded to 13,646 calls for reported collisions.

The partnership takes effect January 22, 2019.

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