Delegations will be heard at regular meetings provided that the delegation gives the Board a minimum of four days' written notice to the Executive Assistant indicating their wish to appear.

For convenience, an Application to Appear as a Delegation before the Police Services Board is available.
  1. Delegations will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) minutes except that a delegation of more than three (3) persons will be limited to a total maximum of twenty (20) minutes.
  2. Speakers shall not repeat what has been said by previous speakers addressing the Board.
  3. Members of the public who constitute the audience in the Board's chamber during a meeting:
    1. may not address the Board without permission of the Chair;
    2. will maintain order and quiet;
    3. will not interrupt any speech or action of the Members of the Board, or any other person addressing the Board; and
    4. will not display or have in their possession, picket signs or placards in the Board chambers or meeting rooms.

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