Occurrence Summaries

What is it?

An occurrence summary is a very brief report which summarizes police involvement in an incident.  This type of request is typically made for insurance purposes.  Individuals requiring a copy of a police report can make an Access Correction Request by submitting this form with a $5 application fee. 

Who can request an occurrence summary?

The Waterloo Regional Police Service provides summaries to:

  1. The insurance company whose insured is directly involved.
  2. The law firm whose client is directly involved.
  3. The person or company directly involved. 

What is the fee?

Each report is $50.00 + HST = $56.50.

What is the timeline?

Summaries are processed in approximately 3 weeks.

How can I make a request for an Occurrence Summary?

By Mail

Please print and complete legibly and accurately the Request for Occurrence Summary Form.  Mail the form with a money order or certified cheque for $56.50 to:

Waterloo Regional Police Service
P.O. Box 3070
200 Maple Grove Road
Cambridge , Ontario , N3H 5M1
Attention: Access to Information, Occurrence Summaries

Call (519) 650-8514 for more information.

Request for Occurrence Summary Form


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