Crime Trends & Statistics

Knowing what's coming on the horizon is very important to us, but we don't use crystal balls to do our predicting. We research, collect data, measure, and analyze the information we have to make informed decisions. Our data is open to the public so if you would like to use our data to conduct your own research, please check out our About Our Data page.

Criminal Offence Summaries

A year in review - this is the section where we take a look at our year-end counts of 2018 Criminal Offence Summary and clearance rates and other happenings that helped shape the past year. 

Intelligence Notes

Crime Map

Want to know what's happening in your neighbourhood? The Crime Map can show you! Customize the Crime Map using the call types and time frame that you're interested in. The Crime Map provides a fun and interactive approach to see police calls for service in Waterloo Region. 

Use of Force Reporting

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