A St. Patrick's Day and COVID-19 message from WRPS Chief Bryan Larkin

Media Release

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Canada, the Waterloo Regional Police Service continues to encourage residents and members of our Service to take action to reduce the impact of this virus on our community.

We continue to work with our community partners, including the Region of Waterloo Public Health and Emergency Services, and are committed to taking all precautions necessary to ensure your safety and well-being.

This includes an appeal to those who may be thinking of attending the unsanctioned St. Patrick’s Day event in Waterloo. As in previous years, I can assure you that our Service has a significant operational plan in place to respond to this event.

However, I want to remind residents of this community that we all have a part to play in public safety – this includes doing what is right for the greater good.

Today, what is right, is avoiding any mass gatherings where there is potential for the COVID-19 virus to spread.

Ask yourself – is one day worth it?

Is it worth making ourselves or our family members sick? Is it worth endangering the community or our first responders? Is it worth overwhelming our healthcare system?

I can tell you that the risk is simply not worth it.

You have the power and the responsibility to stay away from such events, meaning you also have the power and the responsibility to help control the spread of #COVID19.

My appeal to you is to stay home. Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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