Message from the Office of the Chief of Police - Remembrance Day

A police cruiser with poppies

Dear citizens,

Today, November 11, 2021, is a day for us to come together to remember those who have served and who continue to bravely serve our country.

While honouring the significance of Remembrance Day may look different this year, the meaning behind what the day represents remains the same. At the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, I encourage you all to take time to reflect while observing a moment of silence to give thanks to those who volunteered, served, fought, and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

And as we remember, we must also vow to never forget. We have a responsibility and an obligation to use our voice to ensure the valour, the grace, and the strength these men and women have shown lives on. We must ensure future generations are able to remember the price that was paid for the liberty and democratic rights we have been given.

To those who have fought, who continue to fight, who were wounded or who have fallen, we thank you and we salute you. Today – and every day – we remember.

Lest we forget.


Bryan Larkin
Chief of Police

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