Time to Vote for the Perfect Canine Name

Waterloo Region, Ontario – Two new “furry” additions to The Waterloo Regional Police Service are one step closer to having names.

Our “Name the Canine” contest has received several creative entries throughout the past month from elementary and high school students, making the task of choosing just one name extremely difficult.

Our canine handlers have decided to narrow the list down to the top three names they believe suit their recruit the best.

The top three name choices for our black German Shepherd are:

  • Grim
  • Leo
  • Kole

The top three name choices for our brown German Shepherd are:

  • Max
  • Tracker
  • Rex

Voting is now open to the public to choose the top name from each list.

Members of the community are invited to vote via social media, including our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

They can also vote by e-mailing Lee Fitzpatrick, Director of Community Services, at Lee.Fitzpatrick@wrps.on.ca or Cherri Greeno, Media Relations Coordinator, at Cherri.Greeno@wrps.on.ca.

Voting can also be done by visiting the survey site.

The winning names will be selected Oct. 17. Waterloo Regional Police Service thanks all of those who submitted name choices.

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