Waterloo Regional Police Reminding Motorists to Lock Their Vehicles and Secure Property

Media Release

Waterloo Regional Police are reminding motorists to lock their vehicles and take valuables inside after receiving several reports of thefts from vehicles.

In 2019, Waterloo Regional Police received 3,476 reports of thefts from motor vehicles. Since January 2020, we have received more than 437 reports.

Theft from motor vehicles is a crime of opportunity that can occur in a driveway, parking lot, or parking garage.

In many cases, owners had left their vehicles unlocked, providing thieves easy access to their belongings.

In other instances, owners had left valuables in plain sight, enticing thieves to force their way into the vehicle and steal property.

Thieves also tend to target personal identity documents. Leaving identity documents in your vehicle can pose great risks and could result in identity fraud. Information on passports, ownership documents, insurance documents, or sensitive work data or material could leave you vulnerable.

Keeping a copy of your ownership and insurance in your wallet instead of in the vehicle can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity fraud. If there is more than one person operating the motor vehicle, you are encouraged to make an extra copy.

If your wallet containing your debit or credit cards are taken, or if you had your address or your date of birth on any of the stolen items, we encourage you to contact a credit monitoring agency and your financial banking institution immediately.

Theft from motor vehicles are preventable. The cost and time spent on replacing stolen items can be prevented by ensuring that your windows are closed and doors are locked when you exit your vehicle. Also, ensuring that that no valuables or identity documents are left in plain view (including cash, electronics, work tools, jewelry or sunglasses), can prevent you from becoming a victim.

If someone has entered your vehicle and has stolen your property, please file a police report immediately. This will assist us in tracking patterns of criminal behavior and potentially identify suspects. You can do this by visiting wrps.on.ca. If there is any evidence left behind, including property belonging to the suspect, call police at 519-570-9777.

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