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Once Upon a Crime

Waterloo Region, Ontario – The Waterloo Regional Police Service has launched a three-part robbery education campaign to bring awareness to three different types of robberies that have been occurring regularly in Waterloo Region.

The campaign, entitled #OnceUponACrime, showcases real stories of real people who have fallen victim to different types of robberies in Waterloo Region. The robberies fall into three categories – Online Buy/Sell, Food Delivery, and Person-on-Person. Along with stories, safety tips will be provided to help prevent residents from falling victim to crime.

During the month of August, the focus will is on Food Delivery Robberies.   

Jason’s Story

Just after 2 a.m. on a Thursday evening, Jason packed up an order of pizza for delivery to an address in Kitchener. But when he arrived, no one was around. He called the number that had been given when the order was placed. A male answered and asked him to wait five minutes.

Jason agreed.

Shortly after, he was approached by a man asking for his pizza. Jason got out of his car and went to the back of the vehicle to retrieve the pizza from the back seat. It was at this point when Jason was attacked by two other men waiting nearby. One pointed a knife at his chest while the other went through his vehicle, stealing his cell phone and wallet.

“Don’t move,” they told him. “Give us your money.”

The three suspects then ran away.

Jason called police immediately.

 Citizens, especially those employed in the food delivery industry are reminded to take precautions, remain alert and consider the following:   

  • Be on the lookout for any suspicious people loitering around the location of your delivery.
  • Ensure you get the exact address of the location you are responding to, including the unit number of any apartment. Conduct a Google search to ensure this address exists, in the way that it’s been described. (i.e. personal residence or apartment building).
  • Limit the amount of cash you have on you and keep what cash you do have hidden from sight.
  • Park as close to the delivery site as possible and in a well-lit area.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Take note of any person or vehicle that may be following you. Trust your instincts and turn around if a delivery address appears suspicious.
  • Ensure you are not delivering to an unoccupied home or business. If the lights are off at the location, get your employers to do a call back and request the customer turn on his or her lights.
  • Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times.
  • If possible, have another employee accompany you on deliveries.
  • When a customer calls to order, make sure you have caller ID so you can call the person back to verify that the order was actually placed. (This can also allow you to verify the order in the event that someone intentionally used an app that doesn’t allow you to conduct a call back.)

If you become a victim of a robbery, you are encouraged to call police immediately. Providing a description of the suspect(s) and the last direction of travel will also assist police in their efforts in locating the individual(s) involved. 

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