Waterloo Regional Police Service Welcomes New Police Service Dog

New police service dog

Waterloo Region, Ontario – The Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) is proud to welcome a new police service dog to its Canine Unit.

After collecting more than 500 name suggestions from the Waterloo Region community, the Canine Unit officially welcomed police service dog Nicho to the team this week.

As we approach the annual Ontario Police Memorial, we are honoured to announce that the selection of the name also honours WRPS officer Dave Nicholson, who died on August 12,1998 while responding to a call at the Parkhill Dam in Cambridge.

Nicho is a one-year old German Shepherd and Belgian Malinios cross dog who was born in Slovakia. He was selected amongst other dogs for his temperament and high energy.

“On behalf of the WRPS, we are proud to officially welcome police service dog Nicho,” said Bryan Larkin, Chief of Police. “Nicho and his fellow canine team members are valuable assets to our officers as they assist with a variety of investigations. We look forward to having Nicho serve the residents of Waterloo Region.”

Before reporting for duty, Nicho and his handler will complete a 16-week training program. During the program, Nicho will be taught obedience and agility while learning how to conduct proper tracking, property/evidence searches, building searches, handler protection, and criminal apprehension.

WRPS has utilized police canines since 1986. The canines are trained to support officers in tracking and apprehending suspects, locating missing persons, recovering stolen or missing property or evidence, and detecting hidden contraband, such as drugs, firearms, ammunition, and currency.

Nicho joins police service dogs Grim, Ranger, and Tracker in the Canine Unit, as we say good-bye to police service dog Chase who is ready to hang up his leash and begin retirement. Thank you, Chase, for your service and helping to keep the residents of Waterloo Region safe for the past seven years.

Welcome to the team, Nicho!

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