Waterloo Regional Police Warn Motorists to NOT Leave Vehicles Unattended

Waterloo Region, Ontario –  Waterloo Regional Police are reminding motorists to not leave their vehicles unattended to “warm up” after receiving several reports of vehicle thefts in the Region.

 In December, 2017, Waterloo Regional Police received 11 reports of “warm-up” thefts. So far this year, a total of nine vehicles have been stolen. Most are taken from residential driveways or from gas stations and variety stores.

 While it’s tempting in this cold weather to leave your vehicle idling while you get ready for work or run into a store, it is also an open invitation to thieves looking to drive away with your vehicle.

 To reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen while warming up, it is essential that you never leave it unattended with a key in the ignition.

 As well, we suggest you carry your registration and insurance papers with you and never leave personal identification documents or valuables in your vehicle. It is also advised that you write down license plate and VIN numbers and keep them with you so if your vehicle ever is stolen, you can provide the necessary information to police quickly.

 For more information on vehicle theft visit: https://goo.gl/ocHDBt 

Cherri Greeno

Media Relations Coordinator

Executive Branch

Waterloo Regional Police Service

519-570-9777 (WRPS) ext. 8773

Cell: 519-498-9954



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