WRPS Supports Solidarity March for Black Lives Matter - "We Stand United With You."

A message from our chief - Bryan Larkin

On June 3, 2020, our community will come together to walk through downtown Kitchener as part of a peaceful Solidarity March for Black Lives Matter.

If you are taking part, please know that you have the full support of your Police Service.

As your Chief of Police, I want you to know that our members will be there to not only ensure your safety and the safety of the public, but to show that we stand united with you.

They will ensure you have the support needed to practice your democratic right and have your voice heard.

Because that voice is needed.

The fight against racism isn’t just an American issue. It isn’t just a Canadian issue. It’s an issue throughout the entire world, including right here in Waterloo Region.

As your Chief of Police, I can assure you that the members of the Waterloo Regional Police Service stand together with you in your anger over the events that have unfolded recently. We are appalled, disheartened, and deeply saddened. Many of our members are grieving alongside the rest of the world and are questioning the actions of the officers in Minneapolis. They are frustrated that their hard work to build bridges and trust within the community has been set back by actions that simply can’t be understood nor accepted.

As police officers, we have an obligation to preserve life, to keep people safe, and to keep our community safe. Every day our members do this job and do it very well. But, we are not perfect. We know there is work to do and we are committed to working with you and our community partners to ensure everyone feels safe and included. Our Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Unit is committed to ensuring all tools, training, and education is provided to our members to ensure we continue to build and maintain your trust.

It’s my promise to you, on behalf of our Service, that we will do whatever it takes to be better.

We realize this event is being held during a health crisis. But, we also realize that you are hurting. You are grieving. And you are justifiably angry. We realize that this is a time for us all to come together in an attempt to heal, to show support, and to pave the way for a better future for all.

We want to thank the organizers of this event for taking health precautions, including mandatory face coverings, available hand sanitizer, and requests for physical distancing. The event is also being shared virtually on Facebook as an option for those who do not wish to jeopardize their health or the health of others.

We encourage you all to practice the proper health precautions and to make this peaceful march one that sends a message to our entire community – that we all have a role to play in confronting and ending systemic racism.

On behalf of the Waterloo Regional Police Service, thank you for sharing your voice and for demanding change that will make our community, our country, and our world a stronger, safer and more inclusive place to live.

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