Youth Programs

The Waterloo Regional Police Service offers a variety of youth programs throughout the year such as; The Chicopee Outreach Program, Cops and Youth, Earn a Bike, and Safety Patrollers.  In addition to our regular programming, our School Resource Officers are committed to working with children and youth to provide guidance and support through the year.

School Resource Officer Program 

The Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) School Resource Officer (SRO) program consists of 10 Constables who are specifically assigned to high schools and elementary schools in Waterloo Region.  The goals of the program are to develop a positive relationship between youth and police, reduce youth victimization and partner with school staff to proactively address student, family and school issues.

SROs are there to provide schools with a reliable and consistent point of contact within the Waterloo Regional Police Service.

In addition to responding to school generated calls for service, police can participate in schools in a number of ways:

  • Lockdown / Hold & Secure / Shelter-In-Place and Bomb Threat Drills
  • Suspension Re-entry Meetings
  • Violent Threat Risk Assessment process

The SRO will make regular school visits to spend time with students and help develop awareness of various topics. SROs are happy to speak with students about a number of topics:

  • Story Time (Gr. K, 1 & 2)
  • Bike Safety
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Bullying/Respect
  • Community Helpers
  • Internet/Social Media Safety
  • The Law (General Discussion)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Criminal Harassment (Stalking)
  • Drugs
  • Mental Health
  • Weapons
  • Policing as a Career Choice

The SRO is a direct liaison for school staff, students and their families to connect with support services within the community. There are agencies in the community that are able to support a family as they navigate a difficult time. Getting support for the student and family can improve the student's performance in school and prevent negative contact with police in the future.

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