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The Waterloo Regional Police offers a service for residents or businesses to register their alarm systems.

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New Premises Registration

For Registered Alarm-Security Companies Only

Please Note: Registration must be through a registered alarm-security company.

For a registered alarm-security company to register a new premise, download the New Premises Alarm Registration Form and complete the following steps: 

  1. Complete all the boxes in the form.
  2. Enter your premise ID on the form for this location.
  3. Forward a copy of this registration along with the $10.00 registration fee to the address at the bottom of the form.

Fee Schedule

a)    $10.00 plus HST, annually to register each residential or commercial alarm location. The registration period is from April 1 to March 31. The fee is not prorated if you register after April.

b)    $100.00 plus HST for the first attendance to a false alarm at a registered premise plus an escalating $25.00 fee for each additional false alarm within a 365 day period.

For example, $100.00 for first false alarm, $125.00 for second false alarm, $150.00 for the third, etc. within a 365 day period

c)    $200.00 plus HST for attending a false alarm at a non-registered dwelling or expired registrations.

d)    $30.00 plus HST fee for false alarm reconsideration appeal (refundable if successful).

For your safety, and to avoid unnecessary fees, please continue to ensure your premise information is updated and registered.

View information about the Appeal Process.

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