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Every year, police members have millions of interactions with members of the public. Some, as simple as saying hello and others - at the height of a traumatic event.  Regardless of the circumstances, communication is at the centre of what we do.   As a police service, we value consistent and ​transparent correspondence and work to maintain the trust of the community we serve.  

Throughout the year, the Waterloo Regional Police Service receives several letters, emails, tweets, and phone calls from citizens. It is our goal to ensure each one is handled through the appropriate measures and to ensure a satisfactory result. 

If you have something you would like to share, you have come to the right place.

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All complaints made about a police service go to the OIPRD. They will review the complaint and decide how to proceed. The police service in question, another police service or the OIPRD themselves may investigate the complaint. The outcome of all complaints are reviewed by the OIPRD.  Following the investigation of a complaint and if a hearing is ordered to take place, the hearing is conducted in accordance with the Rules for Part V Hearings under the Police Services Act.

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