Mental Health Assistance

Community mental health programs provide a variety of services to help support people who are struggling. 

  • One in three Canadians will experience a mental illness or substance use disorder in their lifetime;
  • More than 10 Canadians die by suicide each day;
  • Suicide rates among Indigenous youth are among the highest in the world;
  • Only 57% of Canadian adults and 43% of Canadian youth report a high capacity to cope  with unexpected and difficult problems and day-to-day demands; and
  • Hardship, trauma, family violence and stigma have been linked to an increased risk of suicide, substance use and mental illness.

Ontario Government Mental Health Assistance for Children and Youth
There are more than 400 agencies across Ontario that offer help to children and youth with mental health and addictions concerns up to 18 years of age.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Succeeds in transforming the lives of people affected by addiction and mental illness, by applying the latest in scientific advances, through integrated and compassionate clinical practice, health promotion, education and research.

Connecting you to province-wide, 24/7 information about addictions and mental health services by toll-free and Internet.

Homewood Health Centre
A leader in mental health and addiction treatment, providing specialized psychiatric services to all Canadians. 

Working in Mental Health in Ontario
Details the many programs and supports available in Ontario, and posts jobs in the field.

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