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What is it?

The Vulnerable Sector Check is restricted to applicants seeking employment and/or volunteering, in Canada, who are in a position of authority or trust relative to vulnerable individuals. It is a collection of offence information, including convictions, outstanding warrants, charges and judicial orders available from a local police agency's records management system and other systems/records where authorized. This check will include sexual offence convictions for which the individual has received a record suspension where authorized by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.  For more information about a vulnerable sector check, visit the RCMP webpage.  

This check will include the following information as the record exists on the date of the search:

  • Criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases
  • Summary convictions for five years, when identified
  • Outstanding entries, such as charges and warrants
  • Absolute and conditional discharges
  • In exceptional cases, where it meets the Public Safety Assessment, non-conviction dispositions including, but not limited to, Dismissed, Not Guilty, Stayed, Withdrawn
  • Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder, and (h) All record suspensions as authorized for release by the Minister of Public Safety.
  • For Government Only: Findings of Guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period

This check does not include: 

  • Convictions under provincial statutes
  • Local police contact
  • Ministry of Transportation information (PARIS)
  • Special Interest Police (SIP) category of CPIC
  • Family Court Restraining Orders
  • Foreign information
  • Any reference to incidents involving mental health contact
  • Diversions, (i) Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) information beyond applicable disclosure period
  • Any reference to contagious diseases.

Can I apply?  

You must reside in the Region of Waterloo and be available for fingerprints or identity verification.  Proof of address is also required for the identity verification process when attending in-person.

How much?

$40 for up to five applications at the same time, per person. The fee will be reduced to $20 for volunteers.

How Long?

The processing time for Vulnerable Sector Checks is dependent upon volume of requests.  If you require fingerprints for convictions, the record check will be processed after the fingerprints are returned from the RCMP.  Fingerprinting is by appointment only.  A volunteer letter is required from the agency if fingerprints are required.  

Where to apply?

Apply on our Record Check page now!  A credit card is required for online submission.  It is recommended to apply well in advance.  Acceptable identification (specified on our identification page) is required, as well as proof of address.  

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