Request to Interview Investigators

What is it?

As part of non-criminal matters (e.g., civil matter, family matters), one or more parties may want to interview an investigator to assist in the assessment of liability or damages.

Criminal matters are dealt with through the Crown's Office.   The matter must not be before the Criminal or Provincial Offences Court unless the prosecutor has been consulted and consents.

No information that would violate any one or more of the following Acts shall be provided in an interview:

  1. Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA);
  2. Police Services Act;
  3. Youth Criminal Justice Act; and
  4. Criminal Code.

The requester must have:

  1. either received documents through an Access to Information request or a motion, on notice to Legal Services, that resulted in an order of the Court to produce the records for that specific action; and
  2. provided copies of the documents that they will be reviewing with the member, at least 14 days in advance.

How much?

$150 per hour if the officer is not on overtime.  $180 per hour if overtime is involved.

Where to apply?

Please complete this Request to Interview an Investigator Form and then email to FOI@WRPS.ON.CA.

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