Back to School Safety Tips

Waterloo Regional Police wish students of all ages a safe academic year as elementary, high school and post secondary students and teachers return class. With every school year comes the excitement and ultimate necessity to remind drivers and pedestrians to be alert, slow down and cross roadways safely and at the proper locations.

The following are safety tips for parents and younger students:

  • Plan a safe route to and from school
  • Cross at designated crosswalks with the walk signal
  • Stop in both directions for a school bus with lights flashing
  • Establish a plan for school pickup by family or friends

A noticeable and visible increase in police presence will also support Project Safe Semester, a three week campaign which promotes the safety and wellbeing of thousands of University and College students who are beginning their post-secondary studies in Waterloo Region.

The following are some safety tips for post-secondary students:

Lock your doors

  • Don't let anyone into a building that you don't know
  • Walk in groups whenever possible.
  • Cross roads at designated locations in accordance with traffic signals
  • If consuming alcohol, drink responsibly and plan ahead to ensure  safe arrival and return

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