Business Security

Basic Risk Assessment


  • Are the views of your property obscured from the street?
  • Are there any hiding spots around your windows or doors?
  • Do you or your customers park in poorly observed areas or in lots far away?
  • Is your property regularly trespassed?
  • Are there "weapons of opportunity" in the landscaping? (ie. Loose river rocks)


  • Is your office equipped with computers?
  • Can strangers enter your building without talking to a receptionist or employee?
  • Do employees routinely ignore unescorted strangers beyond the reception area?

Next Steps

  • Ensure that you have a good video surveillance system that is prominently displayed both inside and outside of the premises. Employers should ensure that cameras are checked regularly and are in good working order, capable of capturing quality unobscured images.
  • Increase business visibility from the street.
  • Increase parking visibility from your business.
  • Direct the approach of visitors to observable areas using see-through fencing, gating or landscaping that doesn't affect views.
  • Decrease "weapons of opportunity." (ie. Remove rocks or chain items down)
  • Ensure all entering customers are visible by either a receptionist or employee. (Restrict unmonitored movement in your office area.)
  • Evaluate lighting in the evening hours for areas of shadow and contrast, particularly in relation to entry points. Consider wire-screened, motion activated lights for dark areas.

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

Whether you own a Commercial, Industrial, Construction or Retail business, you want to ensure your business is as secure as possible. You can learn more about CPTED through CPTED Canada.

Some business security helpful tips include

  • Having clearly visible and well-marked signs - no cash on premise and video cameras onsite, can assist in deterring thieves from targeting your business.
  • Video cameras that are well maintained and located in locations that would assist in identifying a suspect.
  • Checking for any blind spots in your retail space where a theft would go unnoticed.
  • Keeping the exterior of your building free of graffiti and a clean looking interior.

If your business does get broken into

  • Please call the police.
  • Please consider not entering your business until the Police arrive.  Walking through your business (crime scene) it could result in police evidence being lost.  This could occur by you;
    • stepping on a footwear impression (shoe print or boot print) left by the suspect
    • touching property that was touched by the unknown suspect
    • sweeping up glass or cleaning up areas could accidently destroy a valuable piece of evidence needed by the police.

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