Fraud and Identity Theft

COVID-19 alert

Fraudsters are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic by taking advantage of victims’ fears and concerns about the crisis. For fraud prevention tips and more information, please visit the Government of Canada Anti-Fraud Centre.

Report It
To report fraud or identity theft, call us at 519-570-9777 or use our online reporting tool.

 What type of fraud or identity theft can I report online?

 The following are incidents that can be reported online:
  • If your personal information was used to obtain credit without your permission.
  • If your personal information was used to obtain a service without permission.
  • If your personal information was used to open a bank account in your name unknowingly.
  • If your debit/credit card information was used illegally and you possess these cards.
  • If your personal information was used to obtain government identification.
  • If someone you don't know called you for money or information and you feel they were untruthful.
  • If someone scammed you via computer for money and information illegally.
  • If your bank stated that someone used your information illegally and is not one of the above situations.
  • If the total amount is less than $25,000.
If none of these situations apply to you, please call us at 519-570-9777.

Report Fraud Under $25,000 online

Become Educated and Stay Safe

Fraud can significantly impact any person or business. It is important to stay informed about ongoing fraud scams in order to better protect yourself against becoming a victim. Fraud can be difficult to detect and is often financially devastating. Follow these resources in order to learn about fraud prevention and common scams. 

Credit and Debit Card Fraud
Ongoing Scams
Prevention and Awareness

Fraud Presentations

Our fraud presentations are a great way to help become educated on some of the most common frauds and scams. These presentations are great for watching on your own or in community group settings. 

Identity Fraud

Newcomer Fraud

Romance Fraud

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