Traffic and Road Safety

The Waterloo Regional Police Service monitors, enforces, and investigates road safety issues throughout the Region of Waterloo and works to improve road safety on an ongoing basis for our community. 

Traffic Services conducts special projects, awareness campaigns, education and enforcement and are responsible for the investigation of all fatal, serious bodily injury collisions and follow-up investigation of fail to remain collisions.  Road Safety is also a top priority for officers on patrol in our neighbourhoods.

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Imagine a community where everyone arrives at their destination alive.
Let's not just imagine it.
Let's make it happen.
Be part of our Road Safety community commitment.
Your community, your choice.

To help make this a reality, the Waterloo Regional Police Service has launched a 2020 Road Safety Plan to make our roads a safe place for all users.

The Plan outlines the Waterloo Regional Police Service’s commitment to reducing major injury collisions and fatalities on our roads. It focuses on enforcement and education on the Fatal Four offences, which include:

  1. Impaired driving
  2. Distracted driving
  3. Speeding/aggressive driving
  4. Seatbelt use

Impaired driving

The leading cause of criminal death in Canada. Impaired driving puts yourself in danger, as well as your passengers, and other drivers and pedestrians. Driving over the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration limit (80mg + of alcohol in 100ml of blood) is a criminal office. If you decide to drink, plan ahead. Arrange for a designated driver, take public transit, call a ride-sharing service, or stay overnight.

Drug impaired driving incidents continue to be a concern on local roads, with drug impaired arrests in 2019 hitting the highest levels on record. It is illegal to drive impaired by any drug, including cannabis.  Your ability to safely operate a vehicle is severely affected after drug consumption.

Distracted driving

A major cause of collisions on Waterloo Region roads. It is a criminal offense for drivers to talk, text, or email using a hand held device while operating their vehicle. Make it a habit to put your handheld device out of reach as soon as you enter your vehicle.

Speeding and aggressive driving

These behaviours are the most dangerous behaviours on Waterloo Region roads. Obey posted speed limits and adjust your speed to road and weather conditions.

Properly used seatbelts 

They are the most effective method of reducing injuries and death in a collision. Always be sure to buckle up before you begin to drive. If you have children, it does not matter how far you’re driving, always securely fasten your child into a car seat appropriate for their age, height and weight. Not doing so is unsafe for you and your children, and also a violation under the Highway Traffic Act. Refer to the car seat manual for details and installation instructions.

Local Road Safety Stats

  • Of the 16 fatal collisions in Waterloo Region in 2019, 15 of them (94 per cent) were linked to one or more of the Fatal Four offences.
  • In 2019, impaired driving was a contributing factor in six fatal collisions on Regional roadways. A total of 758 impaired driving charges were laid in 2019, compared to 748 in 2018.
  • Drug impaired driving incidents continue to be a growing concern on area roadways, with drug impaired arrests in 2019 hitting the highest levels on local record. Officers arrested 102 offenders for impaired driving by drug in 2019 compared to 69 in 2018. This is a 48 per cent increase year over year, and a 161 per cent increase since 2015.
  • Speeding and other aggressive driving behaviours are continually the most dangerous driving behaviours encountered on Waterloo Region roads and in 2019 was a contributing factor in eight of the 16 fatal motor vehicle collisions.
  • Properly used occupant restraint systems are the most effective method of reducing injuries and death in a collision. In 2019, three fatal collisions involved failure to wear a seatbelt.

Be part of our road safety community commitment - drive sober, put your phone down, obey the speed limit and wear your seatbelt. Road safety is a shared responsibility - and one which the Waterloo Regional Police Service takes very seriously. Your community, your choice.

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